Janice Braganza

Janice has been in the customer service industry since 2008. She has experience managing different types of customers and always provides excellent service. One reason she particularly enjoys this business and the challenges that go along with it is the opportunity to connect with people.

Janice has worked her way up from assistant property manager to property manager with her dedication to always giving her best every day.

Janice is well organized. From the moment she connects with the client, she wants to first understand the situation and then tackle it in the most empathetic manner possible. It is very important to her to understand the clients' needs. This builds trust and helps retain clients.


Property Management

Direct Number

+971 (0) 6 572 3794




Office Number

+971 6572 3794


  • 4 Years in Commercial
  • BA (Hons) Estate Management

Key Services